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This video goes over some of the main features in a piano lesson on Middy.

What is a Piano Lesson on Middy?

Lessons are a group of exercises that help you learn a piece of music or concept. In these exercises, the goal of the student is to play notes that match the interface.

You can use your midi keyboard or computer keyboard to play these exercises.

  1. Middy makes sure that the student is playing the correct notes at the right time. Students gain points based on how well you play the notes on time. Middy keeps their highest score.

Piano Roll or Standard Notation

On Middy, exercises can either be displayed as a piano roll or sheet music. Each one has its own benefits:

  • Piano Roll

This is a very intuitive way of displaying music. The notes fall directly on the keys that the student is supposed to play. This is also a common format in music production software.

  • Standard notation

This is the more traditional approach to notating music. Although there is a learning curve, it has many benefits, especially for more advanced pieces where there are many simultaneous notes.

  1. Features to help you improve
  • Tempo Slider

If you find yourself getting stuck on an exercise, you can use the tempo slider on the top right of the playing area to adjust the tempo. Try challenging yourself by playing at a slower tempo and then incrementally raising it until you’re at full speed.

  • Looping a section

Use the loop function on the bottom right of the playing area to help get the repetition you need. The vertical yellow slider on the left of the playing area lets you select which part of the exercise you want to loop.

  • Finger Notation

Pay attention to the indicators on the notes. Anything on the right side of the note should be played with your right hand, and anything on the left side should be played with your left hand. The numbers represent which fingers should be playing the notes. It’s important to keep this in mind as it’ll make playing feel more comfortable.

  1. Keeping track of your progress

Track your progress here on Middy and you’ll see how far you’ve come since you began and hold yourself accountable for what's left to learn. This is the key to staying motivated and ensuring you are making gains in the right direction.

  1. Find piano lessons

Choose a channel, playlist, lesson and exercise.

  • Channels are where teachers house all of their playlists.
  • Playlists are collections of lessons. Playlists usually revolve around a specific theme or purpose.
  • Lessons can contain various exercises and are usually a part of a larger message. You can think of these like chapters in a book.
  • Exercises are the music you play. Try your best to get a good score so you can move on to the next one.
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