Transcription Exercise Guide

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Transcription Exercises

Transcription exercises on Middy are a series of exercise designed to train you to hear a passage and be able to recreate it in the form of a midi file. You'll have to use a DAW (e.g. Ableton Live, Logic Pro) to recreate the passage and export it as a MIDI file. Then, upload your MIDI file to Middy to see how you did!

Follow these steps to submit your answer

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  • Click play to listen to the audio file on loop.
  • Open your DAW to create a MIDI file that matches the audio

Do you need help creating and exporting a MIDI file? Read this article for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Export your transcription as a MIDI file.
How to upload your file to Middy
  • Click and drag your MIDI file into the center of the interface in the box saying "Upload a MIDI file with notes that match the audio played"
See your results
  • You'll be graded on your accuracy shown through correct notes, missed notes, release accuracy and incorrect notes.

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